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EU Projects

ABYSSAssessment of bacterial life and matter cycling in deep-sea surface sedimentsBoetius, AntjeData
ACESAtlantic Coral Ecosystem StudyFreiwald, AndréData
ADEPDAtlantic Data Base for Exchange Processes at the Deep Sea FloorLochte, KarinData
ASOF-NArctic-Subarctic Ocean Flux Array for European Climate: NorthFahrbach, EberhardData
ASSEMBLAGEAssessment of the Black Sea Sedimentary System since the last Glacial ExtremeLericolais, GillesData
AtlantOSOptimising and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing SystemsVisbeck, MartinData
ATLASA Trans-Atlantic assessment and deep-water ecosystem-based spatial management plan for Europe (This project has received funding from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 678760)Roberts, J MurrayData
BALTIC-GASMethane emission in the Baltic SeaJørgensen, Bo BarkerData
BASYSBaltic Sea System Studyvon Bodungen, BodoData
BENGALBenthic Biology and Geochemistry of a North-eastern Atlantic Abyssal LocalityRice, Anthony LData
BIOGESTBiogas Transfer in EstuariesData
BOFSBiogeochemical Ocean Flux StudyData
CARBOCHANGEChanges in the carbon uptake and emissions by oceans in a changing climateHeinze, ChristophData
CARBOOCEANMarine carbon sources and sinks assessmentHeinze, ChristophData
CAVASSOOCarbon variability studies by ships of opportunityWatson, Andrew JData
CENSORClimate variability and El Niño Southern OscillationArntz, Wolf EData
CHEMECOMonitoring colonisation processes in chemosynthetic ecosystemsGaudron, Sylvie MarylèneData
CINCSPelagic-benthic Coupling in the oligotrophic Cretan SeaTselepides, AnastasiosData
CLIVAMPClimatic Variability of the Mediterranean Paleo-circulationCrepon, MichelData
CLIWOCClimatological Database for the Worlds Oceans: 1750-1854García-Herrera, RicardoData
CoralFISHEcosystem based management of corals, fish and fisheries in the deep waters of Europe and beyondGrehan, Anthony JData
DARCLIFEDeep subsurface Archaea: carbon cycle, life strategies, and role in sedimentary ecosystemsHinrichs, Kai-UweData
ECO2Sub-seabed CO2 Storage: Impact on Marine EcosystemsWallmann, KlausData
ECOMOUNDEnvironmental controls on mound formation along the european marginDullo, Wolf ChristianData
ELNOXElemental nitrogen oxidation A new bacterial process in the nitrogen cycleSchulz-Vogt, Heide NData
EPICAEuropean Project for Ice Coring in AntarcticaMiller, HeinzData
EPOCAEuropean Project on Ocean AcidificationGattuso, Jean-PierreData
ERA-CLIMEuropean Reanalysis of Global Climate ObservationsDee, Dick PData
ESONETEuropean Seafloor Observatory NetworkData
ESOPEuropean subpolar ocean programme : sea ice-ocean interactionsData
ESTOCEuropean Station for Time-Series in the Ocean Canary IslandsData
EUR-OCEANSEuropean network of excellence for Ocean Ecosystems AnalysisTréguer, PaulData
EURO-BASINBasin Scale Analysis, Synthesis and Integration (European Commission Grant Agreement 264 933)St. John, MichaelData
EURODELTAEuropean Co-ordination on Mediterranean and Black Sea ProdeltasTrincardi, FabioData
EuroSTRATAFORMEuropean Margin Strata FormationWeaver, Philip PEData
EUROTROPHNutrients cycling and the trophic status of coastal ecosystemsData
GEOMOUNDThe Mound Factory: Internal ControlsHenriet, Jean PierreData
GlobColourEuropean Node for Global Ocean ColourData
GreenICEGreenland Arctic Shelf Ice and Climate ExperimentWadhams, PeterData
HERMESHotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of European SeasWeaver, Philip PEData
HERMIONEHotspot Ecosystem Research and Mans Impact On European SeasWeaver, Philip PEData
HYPOXIn situ monitoring of oxygen depletion in hypoxic ecosystems of coastal and open seas and land-locked water bodiesBoetius, AntjeData
ice2seaice2seaVaughan, David GData
INTERREGInvest. of new marine biol. resources in deep waters of Ionian and Aegean SeasData
JPIO-MiningImpactJPI Oceans - Ecological Aspects of Deep-Sea MiningHaeckel, MatthiasData
KEYCOPKey coastal processes in the mesotropic Skagerrak and the oligotrophic Northern Aegean: a comparative studyGray, John EData
MATERMass Transfer and Ecosystem ResponseData
MEDAR/MEDATLASMediterranean Data Archaeology and RescueMaillard, CatherineData
MedSeAMediterranean Sea Acidification in a Changing ClimateZiveri, PatriziaData
METROLMethane Flux Control in Ocean Margin SedimentsJoergensen, Bo BarkerData
MicroB3MicroB3 - Microbial Biodiversity, Bioinformatics and BiotechnologyGlöckner, Frank OliverData
NACLIMNorth Atlantic ClimateQuadfasel, DetlefData
OASISOceanic Seamounts: an Integrated StudyChristiansen, BerndData
OMEXOcean Margin Exchange ProjectData
ORFOISOrigin and Fate of Biogenic Particle Fluxes in the OceanData
PACLIVAPatterns of Climate Variability in the North AtlanticJansen, EysteinData
PAGE21Changing Permafrost in the Arctic and its Global Effects in the 21st CenturyHubberten, Hans-WolfgangData
Past4FutureClimate Change: Learning from the past climateDahl-Jensen, DortheData
PELAGOSHydrodynamics and Biogeochemical Fluxes in the Straits of the Cretan ArcBalopoulos, EfstathiosData
PREFACEEnhancing Prediction of Tropical Atlantic Climate and its ImpactKeenlyside, NoelData
PROMESSProfiles across Mediterranean Sedimentary SystemsBerné, SergeData
QUEENQuaternary Environment of the Eurasian NorthThiede, JörnData
RemOceanRemotely Sensed Biogeochemical Cycles in the Ocean (funded by ERC under grant agreement: 246777)Claustre, HervéData
SESAMESouthern European Seas: Assessing and Modelling Ecosystem ChangesPapathanassiou, EData
SINOPSSilicon Cycling in the World OceanMaier-Reimer, ErnstData
SITHOSSea Ice Thickness Observation SystemSandven, SteinData
SOCATSurface Ocean CO2 Atlas ProjectBorges, Alberto VieiraData
SponGESDeep-sea Sponge Grounds Ecosystems of the North AtlanticRapp, Hans ToreData
SUB-GATESubmarine groundwater-fluxes and transport-processes from methane-rich coastal sedimentary environmentsSuess, ErwinData
TALDICETalos Dome Ice CoreData
TRACTORTracer and Circulation in the Nordic Seas RegionJohannessen, TrulsData

INT Projects

ACDArctic Coastal DynamicsOverduin, Pier PaulData
AESOPSAntarctic Environments Southern Ocean Process StudyData
ANDRILLAntarctic Geological DrillingHarwood, David MData
AnT-ERAAntarctic Thresholds - Ecosystem Resilience and AdaptationGutt, JulianData
ARCODArchive of Ocean DataGurvich, Evgeny GData
BDPBaikal Drilling ProjectData
BIOTABIOdiversity Monitoring Transect Analysis in AfricaData
BSRNBaseline Surface Radiation NetworkKönig-Langlo, GertData
CAMLCensus of Antarctic Marine LifeData
CANIGOCanary Islands Azores Gibraltar ObservationsData
CARBOPERMFormation, turnover and release of carbon in Siberian permafrost landscapesPfeiffer, Eva-MariaData
CARIACOCarbon Retention In A Colored Ocean Project - Ocean Time SeriesData
CARINACarbon dioxide in the Atlantic OceanMintrop, Ludger JData
CLIMAPClimate: Long-Range Investigation, Mapping, and PredictionData
COLD YamalCOmbining remote sensing and field studies for assessment of Landform Dynamics and permafrost state on YamalBartsch, AnnettData
CoMLCensus of Marine LifeData
CONTINENTHigh-resolution Continental Paleoclimate Record in Lake BaikalData
CRPCape Roberts ProjectBarrett, Peter JData
DSDPDeep Sea Drilling ProjectData
DUE-PermafrostESA Data User Element - PermafrostBartsch, AnnettData
EASIZEcology of the Antarctic Sea Ice ZoneClarke, AndrewData
EBAEvolution and Biodiversity in the Antarcticdi Prisco, GuidoData
EGRIPEast Greenland Ice-core ProjectData
EIFEXEuropean Iron Fertilization ExperimentSmetacek, VictorData
EisenExEuropean Iron Enrichment Experiment in the Southern OceanSmetacek, VictorData
ELGYGYTGYNLake Elgygytgyn - Climate History of the Arctic since 3.6 Million YearsMelles, MartinData
EPOSEuropean Polarstern StudyHempel, GotthilfData
EUQUAMEuropean Quaternary Mammalia Databasevon Königswald, WighartData
GEOSECSGeochemical Ocean Sections StudyData
GEOTRACESGlobal marine biogeochemical cycles of trace elements and their isotopesData
GITEWSGerman Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning SystemLauterjung, JörgData
GLAMAP2000Glacial Atlantic Ocean MappingSarnthein, MichaelData
GLOBECGlobal Ocean Ecosystem DynamicsData
GLOWAGlobal Change and the Hydrological CycleData
GRASPGReenland Analogue Surface ProjectLindborg, TobiasData
GRIP/GISP/NGRIPGreenland Ice Core ProjectsData
GSPGreenland Sea ProjectData
GTN-PGlobal Terrestrial Network for PermafrostBiskaborn, Boris KolumbanData
GTSPPGlobal Temperature-Salinity Profile ProgramData
HOTHawaii Ocean Time-SeriesLukas, RogerData
IABPInternational Arctic Buoy ProgramData
IMAGESInternational Marine Global Change StudySchneider, Ralph RData
IMCOAST/IMCONetImpact of climate induced glacier melt on marine coastal systems, AntarcticaAbele, DorisData
IODPIntegrated Ocean Drilling Program / International Ocean Discovery ProgramData
IPABInternational Program for Antarctic BuoysData
IPYInternational Polar Year (2007-2008)Data
IRISIce Ridging Information for Decision Making in Shipping OperationsRiska, KajData
IYFS/IBTSInternational Young Fish Survey/International Bottom Trawl SurveyData
JGOFSJoint Global Ocean Flux StudyData
LOISLand-Ocean Interaction StudyData
MALASPINA-2010Malaspina circumnavigation expeditionDuarte Quesada, CarlosData
MAREMIPMARine Ecosystem Model Intercomparison ProjectLe Quéré, CorinneData
MARGOMultiproxy Approach for the Reconstruction of the Glacial Ocean surfaceSchneider, Ralph RData
MEDIFLUXProcesses at the Passive Continental MarginsFoucher, Jean PaulData
NABENorth Atlantic Bloom Experiment, 1989-1991Data
NANSENNorth Atlantic and Norwegian Sea ExchangeData
NECLIMENeogene Climate Evolution in EurasiaMosbrugger, VolkerData
NEEMNorth Greenland Eemian Ice DrillingDahl-Jensen, DortheData
NGRIPNorth Greenland Ice Core ProjectData
NOAA-MMSNOAA and MMS Marine Minerals Geochemical DatabaseMonget, Jean-MarieData
NOPACCSNorthwest Pacific Carbon Cycle StudyData
O60Overflow 60Tait, J BData
OA-ICCOcean Acidification International Coordination CentreGattuso, Jean-PierreData
ODPOcean Drilling ProgramData
PASADOPotrok Aike Maar Lake Sediment Archive Drilling ProjectZolitschka, BerndData
RAiNRegional Archives for Integrated iNvestigationsZabel, MatthiasData
SPECMAPSpectral Mapping Project (Mapping Species Variability in Global Climate)Imbrie, John DData
SynSenPFTSynergistic Exploitation of Hyper-and Multispectral Sentinel-Measurements to Determine Phytoplankton Functional Types (PFT) at Best Spatial and Temporal ResolutionBracher, AstridData
TCCONTotal Carbon Column Observing NetworkData
TOCTara Oceans ConsortiumMattaj, IainData
TOE-2009-2013Tara Oceans ExpeditionKarsenti, EricData
WOCEWorld Ocean Circulation ExperimentData

NAT Projects

ACERAbrupt Climate Changes and Environmental ResponsesSanchez Goñi, Maria FernandaData
Bio-ArgoFrench Bio-Argo project (funded by CNES-TOSCA)Claustre, HervéData
BIOFARMarine Benthic Fauna of the Faroe IslandsTendal, Ole SData
CENACLAMClimatology of snow/atmosphere interactions, atmospheric boundary layer and snowpack propertiesEtchevers, PierreData
EXP_GERDirectory of research expeditions of Germany (metadata)Data
FIESTAFog Interception for the Enhancement of Streamflows in Tropical AreasEugster, WernerData
GLACKMAGlaciares, Criokarst y Medio AmbienteData
INVABIORôle des espèces invasives dans la résistance dun écosystème côtierLeynaert, AudeData
MedChangeEvolution and conservation of marine biodiversity facing global changeTeixidó, NúriaData
NASEERNorth Arabian Sea Environment and Ecosystem ResearchData
NGOFSNorwegian JGOFS ProjectsData
NHD/WSLNorthern Hemispheric Dendroclimatological NetworkSchweingruber, Fritz HansData
NIOPNetherlands Indian Ocean Programmevan der Land, JacobData
NIPRNational Polar Research Programme of JapanFukuchi, MitsuoData
OBBNASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry ProgrammeBontempi, PaulaData
OCEANOMICSwOrld oCEAN biOressources, biotechnologies and Earth-systeM servICeSDe Vargas, ColombanData
OZGOFSAustralian JGOFS ProjectsData
PROOFBiogeochemical Processes in the Oceans and FluxesMerlivat, LilianeData
REKLIMHelmholtz-Verbund Regionale Klimaänderungen = Helmholtz Climate Initiative (Regional Climate Change)Lemke, PeterData
SOLAS-NorwaySurface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere StudyJohannessen, TrulsData
TERENOTerrestrial Environmental ObservatoriesBogena, HeyeData
UKOAUnited Kingdom Ocean Acidification research programmeWilliamson, PhillipData
WIMOWissenschaftliche Monitoringkonzepte für die Deutsche BuchtWinter, ChristianData


(AC)3Arctic AmplificationWendisch, ManfredData
BIGSETBiogeochemical Fluxes of Matter and Energy in the Deep SeaPfannkuche, OlafData
BIOACIDBiological Impacts of Ocean AcidificationRiebesell, UlfData
C3Collaborative Climate Community Data and Processing GridHiller, WolfgangData
DERIDGEFrom Mantle to Ocean: Energy-, Material- and Life-cycles at Spreading AxesDevey, Colin WData
DFG-SPP1158Priority Programme 1158 Antarctic Research with Comparable Investigations in Arctic Sea Ice AreasKarsten, UlfData
EPASAEarly Paleogene deep-water overturning in the South AtlanticEhrmann, WernerData
FEMERemote Sensing of Sea Ice PropertiesHaas, ChristianData
GeoBio15kChanges in the Geo-Biosphere during the last 15000 yearsAndres, WolfgangData
HISTRAHistorical and Postglacial Tree Ring Archive of HohenheimFriedrich, MichaelData
INOPEXInnovatives Nordpazifik Experiment - Paläoozeanographie und MagnetikGersonde, RainerData
INTERDYNAMIKIntegrierte Analyse zwischeneiszeitlicher KlimadynamikSchulz, MichaelData
JenExpThe Jena ExperimentWeisser, WolfgangData
KALMARKurile-Kamchatka and Aleutean Marginal Sea-Island Arc Systems: Geodynamic and Climate Interaction in Space and Timevan den Bogaard, ChristelData
KIHZClimate in Historical TimesNegendank, Jörg F WData
KiLiKilimanjaro Research GroupData
KOMEXKurile-Okhotsk Sea Marine ExperimentSuess, ErwinData
LSSLaptev Sea SystemKassens, HeidemarieData
MADAMMangrove Dynamics and ManagementSaint-Paul, UlrichData
MARUMCenter for Marine Environmental SciencesWefer, GeroldData
OceanGatewaysImpact of Gateways on Ocean Circulation, Climate, and EvolutionSarnthein, MichaelData
PKDBPaleoclimate Database of the QuaternaryFrenzel, BurkhardData
RSPRed Sea Program on marine sciencesData
SFB133Warmwassersphäre des AtlantiksKrauß, WolfgangData
SFB261South Atlantic in Late Quaternary: Reconstruction of Budget and CurrentsWefer, GeroldData
SFB275Klimagekoppelte Prozesse in meso- und känozoischen GeoökosystemenMosbrugger, VolkerData
SFB313Global Environmental Change: The Northern North AtlanticSchäfer, PriskaData
SFB318Klimarelevante Prozesse im System Ozean-Atmosphäre-KryosphäreData
SFB574Volatiles and Fluids in Subduction ZonesHoernle, KajData
SFB754Climate - Biogeochemistry Interactions in the Tropical OceanOschlies, AndreasData
SFB95Wechselwirkung Meer-Meeresboden (Interaction Sea-Sea Bottom)Wefer, GeroldData
SIRROSiberian River Run-OffFütterer, Dieter KData
SOPRANSurface Ocean Processes in the AnthropoceneBange, Hermann WData
SPICEScience for the Protection of Indonesian Coastal EnvironmentRichter, ClaudioData
SPP1374Schwerpunktprogramm 1374 - Exploratorien zur funktionellen BiodiversitätsforschungFischer, MarkusData
VEINSVariability of Exchanges in the Northern SeasMeincke, JensData
WATTBiogeochemistry of Tidal FlatsRullkötter, JürgenData
ZISCHCirculation and Transfer of Pollutants in the North SeaRadach, GüntherData

NAT-INST Projects

AMGRFAntarctic Marine Geology Research Facility, Florida State UniversityData
AUIArchive of Underwater ImagingGutt, JulianData
AWI_ACAtmospheric Chemistry @ AWISchrems, OttoData
AWI_BioOceBiological Oceanography @ AWIBathmann, UlrichData
AWI_BPPBentho-Pelagic Processes @ AWIRichter, ClaudioData
AWI_CoastCoastal Ecology @ AWIWiltshire, Karen HelenData
AWI_EcolChemEcological Chemistry @ AWICembella, AllanData
AWI_GeoPhyMarine Geophysics @ AWIJokat, WilfriedData
AWI_GlacGlaciology @ AWIMiller, HeinzData
AWI_MeteoMeteorological Long-Term Observations @ AWIKönig-Langlo, GertData
AWI_OceDynOcean Dynamics @ AWISchröter, JensData
AWI_PaleoPaleoenvironmental Reconstructions from Marine Sediments @ AWITiedemann, RalfData
AWI_PaleoClimatePaleo-climate Dynamics @ AWILohmann, GerritData
AWI_PerDynPeriglacial Dynamics @ AWIHubberten, Hans-WolfgangData
AWI_PhyOcePhysical Oceanography @ AWIKanzow, TorstenData
AWI_PhytochangePhytochange @ AWIRost, BjoernData
AWI_SeaIceSea Ice Physics @ AWINicolaus, MarcelData
BAHShelf Seas Systems Ecology @ AWI (former Biologische Anstalt Helgoland)Boersma, MaartenData
BGRBundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe, HannoverData
FRAMFRontiers in Arctic marine MonitoringBoetius, AntjeData
GeoBGeosciences, University of BremenWefer, GeroldData
GEOMARHelmholtz Centre for Ocean Research KielDullo, Wolf ChristianData
GEOMARFLUXBiogeochemical flux in the deep seaPfannkuche, OlafData
GeoTüPaleoceanography at Tübingen UniversityHemleben, ChristophData
GFZGeoForschungszentrum PotsdamData
GIK/IfGInstitute for Geosciences, Christian Albrechts University, KielSarnthein, MichaelData
HausgartenLong-term Investigation at AWI-Hausgarten off SvalbardBoetius, AntjeData
HZGHelmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Institute of Coastal ResearchKaysser, WofgangData
IFM-GEOMARLeibniz-Institut für Meereswissenschaften, KielHerzig, Peter MData
IOWBaltic Sea Research Institute, Warnemündevon Bodungen, BodoData
LDEOLamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia UniversityData
LTERLong-term Ecological Research at AWIBrey, ThomasData
MARECHIARAIntegrated long-term monitoring of the planktonic system in the coastal areaZingone, AdrianaData
MMTMarine Mammal TrackingBornemann, HorstData
OSUDepartment of Geology, Oregon State UniversityData
PETA-CARBRapid Permafrost Thaw in a Warming Arctic and Impacts on the Soil Organic Carbon PoolGrosse, GuidoData
SIOScripps Institution of OceanographyData
ZMTLeibniz Center for Tropical Marine EcologyData

Other Projects

CAME IICrossing Climatic Tipping Points - Consequences for Central AsiaMosbrugger, VolkerData
EO-LDAS-AppApplication of the EO-LDAS Prototype and Data Base to Prepare Sentinel-2 AssimilationData
GENUSGeochemistry and ecology of the Namibian upwelling systemEmeis, Kay-ChristianData
SACUS/SACUS-IISouthwest African Coastal Upwelling System and Benguela NiñosBrandt, PeterData