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Advanced Search Tools

The PANGAEA Data Warehouse can be used for highly efficient retrievals and compilations of time slices or surface data matrixes on any measurement parameters out of the whole data continuum. To start a data warehouse query, go to PANGAEA's start page and enter some search keywords to make a selection. Once you have filtered the search results, click on the Data Warehouse button in the tools bar, to start the tool.

If you want use the data warehouse API, see our interoperability / services.

The following advanced search tools are written in JAVA. To run them you need the Sun Java Plugin installed in your browser. We recommend Java Version 5.0 (sometimes referred to as version 1.5) or higher. If you use an older version, we cannot guarantee correct function! For full operation it is required to accept the request for extended privileges (it will automatically pop up in your browser when starting the tools).

To use these tools, you need to log in! You can sign up for a user account at PANGAEA here.


PanCore is a tool to access campaign specific information, in particular station lists and sampling events (e.g. CTDs or sediment coring).
This tool is discontinued and will be disabled starting April 1st, 2018!


Advanced Retrieval Tool (ART) is a webtool which allows to access all levels of metadata within PANGAEA.
This tool is discontinued and will be disabled starting April 1st, 2018!

Software provided by PANGAEA

The Software on this page is provided by the PANGAEA for the visualization, exploration and interpretation of scientific data. The tools are freeware; its use in combination with the PANGAEA Information System is recommended.